Monday, September 29, 2008

life drawing

HOKAY! So here I am, a damn long time after posting about 'resurrecting' my blog, posting my first post since. Awesome!

Though I am going to start being more pro-active in posting here, for on Wed nights I am taking the $4 life drawing sessions at Sandy Hill. Finally! I've been wanting to get back into doing life drawing again for a while, and now thanks to my lovely friends I am actually doing it. And posting it here.


-c said...

Yeah! Great to see these all in one place. I see Tonks! Those birds are really cute and well constructed. Also, you should have shown your drawings to the guy last time, i'm sure he would have been flattered - you shaved years off of his face!

Kyle Marshall said...

Whoa! Kimmy posted!..i dig the blue pencil LDings.

Amanda said...

Every so often I'll have a really big urge to do some life drawing, it's kinda odd but also awesome 8)